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Clinical Research

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Atlanta is a convenient destination for travel. Our airport is the home-base for several international and domestic air carriers and our rapid transportation system is available 24 hours. In addition to our facility being easily accessible, we also have a wealthy source of individuals who are interested in changing medical history by participating in a clinical research study. With a population of 4.5 million, and with approximately 10% of the population being 65 or over we are able to maintain high standards and ensure a successful performance that consistently allows us to meet, and often exceed, our enrollment goals.

Our recruitment team uses comprehensive and aggressive strategies, including:

  • A large and constantly growing patient database
  • Strategic advertising tactics which may include television, radio, newspaper, magazines, and the internet
  • An extensive physician referral system
  • Relationships with area support groups (Narcolepsy, Headache, Alzheimer’s, Senior Citizens and more.)
  • Community education seminars regarding clinical research
  • Area health fairs and other community outreach events

The scientific, clinical, and administrative staff at NeuroTrials has extensive clinical research experience. We are dedicated to making every participant’s experience as comfortable as possible.

To place a study with us, or to receive additional information, contact:
Kathy Jones Beals


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