Calling all insomniacs: healthy sleep tips.

October 14, 2010

SleepNot sleeping well? Did you know the quality  of your sleep can also affect your brain performance, mood, health, and weight? Test out some of our tips:

1.  DON’T exercise during the 5-6 hours before bedtime.

2. DON’T consume caffeine and nicotine. Both have stimulating effects that can take up to 8 hours to wear off.

3. DON’T consume alcoholic drinks before bed. Alcohol keeps you in the lighter, less restful stages of sleep.

4. DON’T consume large meal late at night.

5. DON’T take medicine that delays or disrupts your sleep. Some common heart, blood pressure, and asthma medication can disrupt sleep.

6. DO relax before bed. Unwind with a book or by listening to some music.

7. DO stick to a sleep schedule. It might seem tempting to sleep in on weekends, but your body craves consistency. Go to bed and wake up at the same time 7 days per week.

8. DO take a hot bath before bed. This can make you feel more sleepy and relaxed.

9. DO create a good sleeping environment. Get rid of distractions such as noise, bright lights, and electronic devices.

10.  DO have the right sunlight exposure. Being outside in natural light can help regulate your internal sleep patterns.

Tried our tips but the problem persists? Here at NeuroTrials, we conduct clinical research studies on a variety of sleep disorders. Check out our current studies page to see if you qualify.